Hi, I'm Taylor.

I help teams get unstuck and reach breakthroughs. I help organizations develop relevant and impactful products and services. And I help individuals become the leaders, innovators, teammates, and authentic life-livers they want to be.

My mission is to create experiences, products, and services that inspire and empower people to do their best work and live their best lives.

Whether you're an individual trying to reach a personal or professional goal, a team looking to creatively tackle a tough challenge, or an organization working to design a transformative product or service, I'm here to help.

I combine a background in mechanical engineering (a B.S. & M.S. from Stanford University) and design thinking (former Lecturer at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford - the d.school) with experience in product development, robotics, innovation consulting, coaching, and whitewater river guiding to bring a unique set of problem solving tools & techniques to any challenge.

What's your purpose? What drives you? What are you working toward? Let's explore how we might be able to get there together.

Guiding Your Team to Breakthroughs

What challenges are you facing as a team? Are you trying to get a new project off the ground or unstuck, and need a creative breakthrough? Do you want to build alignment, collaborative energy, and momentum with your team? Or do you simply notice a discrepancy between where your team is and where you'd like to be?

I can help your team overcome its most pressing challenges.

From San Francisco to D.C. and from Accra to Phnom Penh, I've helped teams discover breakthroughs all over the globe on challenges ranging from building cultures of innovation & creativity to developing new products and services to planning business strategy. With a wide range of resources at my disposal, I can help you tackle whatever challenge your team is facing.

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Taylor helped our organization tackle a number of complex issues, break them down into doable parts, and formulate a plan of action. His intelligent & respectful leadership style allowed all participants to be involved in the process and feel ownership of the outcomes.
— Eve Goldberg, Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Commission

DEVELOPING Transformative Products & Services


Are you working on a groundbreaking product or service and still have plenty of unanswered questions? Have you not yet fully validated the feasibility, viability, or desirability of your proposed solution? Do you need to better understand your customer before making a bet? Are there unknowns in your business model, your customer journey, or your technical strategy?

I can help you deliver impactful solutions to your customer.

Whether you’re designing robotic systems that accomplish anything from everyday chores to minimally invasive surgery or delivering life saving medical or agricultural solutions to the developing world, I can help. Combining mechanical engineering, product design & management, user experience design, and design research, I am uniquely positioned to support your delivery of a transformative product or service for your customer.

We brought Taylor in when we needed to do a complete re-think of our product based on major new market and technical discoveries. His thoughtful facilitation of our brainstorming sessions allowed us to come up with solutions we had not explored before and chart a clear development path.
— Ken Peters, VP of Operations @ Dishcraft Robotics


Think about one of your goals - personal, professional, or anywhere in between. Rate your progress toward that goal on a scale of 1-10 (10 being "I'm there!"). What number did you give? How far from 10 are you?

I can help you get to 10.

Combining my problem solving background as an engineer with my experience teaching, facilitating, coaching, and doing design and innovation work, I'll help you see yourself, your goals, and the obstacles in between in new ways so you can live your best life - whatever that means to you. Whether you're trying to build a new habit or reach the next level at work, I can help you get there.


I was delighted by Taylor’s focus, creative approaches, and how quickly we got to breakthrough solutions.
— Heather Hernandez, Director of Business Development for B2B digital health company


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